About Spark the Change

Spark is an opportunity. We bring together leaders from all businesses, with one mission only: to work together to create lasting and total change. With events in London, Toronto, Melbourne and the Netherlands (new!), we aim to inspire you, and help you develop the skills you need to make a lasting mark, and undergo a positive change.

Spark is a (un)conference. We bring series of inspirational talks from people who already went through a positive change before, and are keen to share their learnings. Follow practical workshops created just for you by today’s transformers and disruptors.

Spark is a community. We bring you bubbles. So relax, and have a drink with like-minded people. Re-energise in an atmosphere brimming with relevant information. Get to know people like you, and people you look up to. Exchanging tips and sharing knowledge, we are all committed to improving our organisations, and sparking change.

The conference has been replaced to spring 2016, exact date will be announced as soon as possible. 

After attending Spark the Change, you will know exactly what change you shoul