The F#!k_Up Festival

Nederzandt 1st June 2017 tbd -

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Marc Nieman
Maarten Tomassen

From extensive research by Google we learn that teams function at their optimum when they operate in a save environment.

This environment is characterized by a culture of transparency, trust, empowerment and open communication & feedback.

But how do we create / facilitate such a culture?

One way is to openly share our mistakes and associated lessons learned as part of the drive to continuously learn and improve the way we work.

In this interactive session we’d like to invite you to experiment on sharing your lessons learned with your peers.

Your facilitators Maarten Tomassen en Marc Nieman welcome at the The F#!k_Up Festival.

A fun way to celebrate your mistakes! At the end of the session, the biggest F#!k_up will win a prize!